“The American Cowboy Showdown is a fun-filled, family and community event that caters to an all-American lifestyle. The early alliances with like-minded organizations, companies and manufacturers is in keeping with our goal to support and continue the tradition, and extend the health and livelihood of the sport. We are very excited in these partnerships.”

~ Kolt Barber

"Motorsports Safety Group (MSG) is committed to promoting safety and engaging technologies to help prevent, diagnose, and treat brain and spinal cord injuries that are inherent to all levels of high contact sports and sports-related head injury. Rodeo is a high-risk sport and its participants are subject to sports-related injuries including mild to severe brain trauma. This partnership represents a mutual commitment to providing safer avenues and an educational exchange to equip the competitors with information that can help extend careers and enhance a healthier lifestyle. MSG is very excited in this opportunity; we welcome future relations and involvement with the American Cowboy Showdown and its loyal following.” 

~ Dr. Jason Cormier, Motorsports Safety Group

“The American Cowboy Showdown directly aligns with the very nature of our business, to provide quality product, and to cater to and fortify the ‘Cowboy’ lifestyle and the heritage on which our country was built. We are pleased to align with the endeavor.”

~ Keith Mundee, President, American Hat Co.

Motorsports Safety Group was formed in 2

Motorsports Safety Group

Motorsports Safety Group was formed in 2017 by Dr. Jason Cormier who strategically assembled a board of professional, forward-thinking scientists and medical innovators to support his endeavor to impriove the overall safety of participants in high contact/high velocity sports and with the goal to avert sports-related injuries.

Motorsports Safety Group was formed in 2
Motorsports Safety Group was formed in 2

American Hat Company, Inc.

American hats are made in Bowie, Texas, and use many of the same processes from over 100 years ago, fro each felt hat being hand-finished to the brim on every straw hat being cut and sewn by hand. American Hat Co. has partnered with a number of organizations and renowned individuals in the rodeo sector including Sutton Rodeo and C5 Rodeo Company. 

Motorsports Safety Group was formed in 2

Tri Green

TriGreen Equipment was formed in 2006 following a merger between several independent John Deere dealers. With 21 full-service John Deere dealerships throughout Tennessee and Alabama, the team is dedicated to providing its customers with the best products to suit their respective lifestyles and needs in agricultural, precision farming, commercial mowing, governmental, military, residential and commercial worksite construction. With the goal to meet and exceed ever-changing needs, they provide invigorating solutions to enable customers to enjoy their property, lifestyle and careers.

Motorsports Safety Group was formed in 2
Motorsports Safety Group was formed in 2

Total Feeds

Founded by Dr. R. Harry Anderson, Total Feeds is dedicated to providing the highest quality animal feed products for a wide range of animal species. With primary focus on optimum health and performance through excellent nutrition, Anderson's 50 years of experience led him to specialize in animal rations formulated by only the best ingredients as first introduced with the Total Equine product in 2000.

Motorsports Safety Group was formed in 2
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Cactus Saddlery

Cactus Saddlery is the industry’s leading saddle makers; all saddles and strap items are handmade in the United states. With 150 years of combined saddle making skills, Cactus Saddlery provides premium saddles, tack and equine accessories designed, developed and ridden by the professionals of our sport. Fit, quality, appeal and personalized customer service are the expectations. Cactus Saddlery offers a full line of equine products to satisfy everyone from pleasure riders to professional competitors.

Motorsports Safety Group was formed in 2

Modern Cowboy

Dr. Dan Hillenbrand, founder of the Modern Cowboy Brand/Performance Nutrition and host of the "Modern Cowboy" Podcast, Launched the company in 2018 as a lifestyle brand for "the cowboy in all of us."

Motorsports Safety Group was formed in 2

Cactus Ropes

Cactus Ropes has pioneered the rope manufacturing industry for nearly three decades. Catering to team roping and ranch roping as primary, Cactus Rope personnel takes pride in constructing innovative string combinations to produce long-lasting, high quality performance ropes for multiple uses and needs as cutting-edge rope that performs well in the arena or on the ranch.

Motorsports Safety Group was formed in 2


Founded by Marvin Priefert in 1964, Priefert has grown into one of the largest farm, ranch and rodeo equipment manufacturers in the world. Priefert is still family owned and operated. Its product offerings have expanded to include cattle, equine, poultry, canine and rodeo lines, making Priefert a one stop shop for all your farm, ranch and rodeo needs. 

Motorsports Safety Group was formed in 2


Wrangler®, a Kontoor Brands (NYSE: KTB) brand, has been an icon in authentic American style around the world for more than 70 years. With a rich legacy rooted in the American west, they committ to offering unmatched quality and timeless design. Its collections for men, women and children look and feel great, inspiring those who wear them to be strong and ready for life, every day. Wrangler is available in retail stores worldwide, including brand flagship stores in Denver and Dallas, department stores, mass-market retailers, specialty shops, western outfitters, and online.

Motorsports Safety Group was formed in 2


Heel-O-Matic teamed with the biomechanics staff at Baylor University to study and record the motion of live roping steers in tow. Proven and backed by scientific research to be the most life-like training machines in the roping industry, no other machine delivers ropers the feel, look, timing and practice experience like the Heel-O-Matic Trainer. Heel-O-Matic is the most trusted roping training systems in the world.

Motorsports Safety Group was formed in 2